Pricing & Shipping


*** Please note pricing on this page is general and subject to change. Each item is priced individually. Check the product listing for accurate up to date pricing. ***

Due to the differences in cost of fur we no longer have a "standard" price list, but we can give a range that most faux fur spiders fall into. Most of the "standard" sized spiders, or Lil' Guys as we now call them range between $80-$120 plus shipping. Furry Weighted Middlin's are typically between $135-$200 plus shipping and last but not least Furry Weighted Big'ns are typically between $180-$275 plus shipping.

Tongue Monster: starts at $125.00. These guys can get rather complicated, so the price goes up from there.
Snowballs: Bitsy: $35.00, The-Size-Between-Bitsy-and-Standard (because I am very creative when it comes to naming things): $55.00, Standard: $75.00


The most common places we are asked if we ship are the UK, Australia, and Canada. We have shipped to all of these countries although it can get expensive to ship to Australia.

We ship in the US and internationally. We charge actually shipping costs. We ship via UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Between these shippers we can ship just about anywhere in the world.

If the shipping calculated is higher than what the actual shipping cost is we will refund the difference. If you happen to place multiple orders during a hatching day and the items can be boxed together any savings in shipping will be refunded back to you.


Custom Orders

We are often asked if we can do custom orders/commissions, the answer is yes we can, but we are not accepting new commissions at this time as we work through our waitlist. So at the moment the only way to get a plushie is to snag one during our "hatching day" drops or wait for the next waitlist opening (we don't have a time from for the waitlist to reopen).